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Our team is composed of highly trained professionals who can provide the following services for small and medium oil and gas companies:

- Gathering and analyzing volumetric data for wells, batteries, GS and gas plants (AB, BC and SK);

- Allocate gas/oil volumes to the well level;

- Pipeline splits / oil forecast (form A);

- Communication of volumetric activities and product splits to Petrinex and all other necessary parties;

- Book accruals for processing / transportation expenses and APMC deduction;

- Review and interpretation of joint venture agreements to ensure correct working interests, locations, that rates and volumes are being billed-reviewed-approved charges for non op properties and book revenue from JIBLINK;

- Gas cost allowance (AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4 and AC5);

- SOX controls;

- Revenue accounting;

- Royalty calculations (freehold, override, Indian and federal royalties)

We have expertise with PAS, MATRIX (PRISM) and QBYTE PM production accounting software.

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